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Living Life

“What colour, what movement, what style – very moving”

Living Life is a collection of 19 paintings by Ruth Goodheir. The exhibition explores the theme of a new future and a sense of purpose.

Following on from a dark period in her life, where illness and a failing relationship were weighing Ruth down, she began using her drawing skills on a very personal basis to express feelings and her hopes and doubts about the future.

The original pencil drawings were very personal and were largely hidden from view for five years before Ruth was persuaded to turn them into paintings and began to share her thoughts, first through working with small groups and mediating and later through wider exhibitions.

Ruth gifted her paintings to Westhill Endowment so that they may have a wider viewing nationally.  For a number of years, Ruth was able to visit at speak at venues hosting her work.

Living Life comes in three sections and may be borrowed as a full collection or in a smaller group. The sections are titled ‘Coming Alive’, ‘The Journey of Faith’ and ‘The Power of Joy and Sorrow’. The frames are wall mountable with short and long cords and mirror plates. They may also be displayed on easels or tables but these are not provided. The exhibition can fit in most standards cars with the pieces range from sizes 500x560mm to 1000x770mm and 900x700mm.

The exhibition comes with a Conversation and Reflection Booklet, inventory, comments sheets, practical notes and a filmed interview with the artist.

ruthSmallAbout Ruth Goodheir

Ruth Goodheir is an experienced artist who grew up on a council housing estate in Dumbarton near Glasgow and now lives on the Isle of Skye.  Around 1996/7 Ruth went through a time of personal crisis and was encouraged to paint from imagination, as a way of expressing her inner thoughts and feelings.

Coming Alive

1_prophesying-top-the-bone   2_singing-over-the-bones   3_Incarnation

4_The-mother-root   5_Shadow-self   6_Stand-up


The Journey of Faith

8_Pushing-the-boat-out   9_Into-the-night   10_The-dying-child

11_Born-again   12_Journey-to-the-beginning-of-creation   13_The-blind-sower


The power of Joy and Sorrow

15_Broken-communion   16_An-ordinary-miracle   17_Dream-Messengers

18_Joy-and-Sorrow   19_Let-There-Be-Light

The pictures above are for illustrative purposes only, larger images can be seen on Ruth's website