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Octave is a collection of eight paintings, by Elizabeth Gray-King, which invite viewers to pause and ponder on how they see themselves and how relate to others.

The paintings titled, Hear, Wait, Watch, Leap, Chill, Call, and Fly culminate in the final piece titled Be. Using complementary colours, and lone figures, we are taken through an exploration of how we see ourselves in the world, how we communicate, respond and relate to God and the world around us. The images give space for people to consider their own experiences and circumstances, and how they might move forwards.

This exhibition comprises 8 small canvases which are attached to their own individual table-mountable easels. They do not require wall mounting. They are packed in 8 boxes which will fit in most cars. The ease of moving this exhibition makes it ideal for certain spaces and may be used in small groups or for one-off events, quiet-days, conferences or services.

The exhibition comes with a Conversation and Reflection Booklet, inventory, comments sheets, and practical notes.

Octave-given-to-WesthillAbout Elizabeth Gray-King

Born in the USA, Elizabeth has been living in the UK for 40 years. With degrees in fine art, theology and education, she has always been a professional painter and illustrator. Ordained as a United Reformed Church Minister in 1988, Elizabeth has been employed part-time as the URC Education & Learning Programme Officer. Elizabeth launched and managed the original CreateTalk programme with the URC. Today she spends
her time painting, exhibiting, working as Artist-in-Residence in
conferences and teaching project management.

Fly   Leap   Watch

Be   Call   Hear