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Cockfield's Glebe Garden 

Our local Church of England church has an overgrown garden in a state of disrepair. The community in which we are planning on delivering this project is Cockfield, County Durham.

Cockfield's community is one that experiences high levels of social and rural isolation and some of the highest levels of deprivation in the country, (top 30% of the country's most multiply deprived communities). The level of isolation is felt by both young and old, those engaged and disengaged.

We are seeking to transform the garden to provide a space where faith can be celebrated, communities can come together and reduce isolation.

The project delivered will be in partnership with Church of England chuch who own the garden space and the local Methodist church to ensure that we reach  as many of the community as possible.

The project will work with children, young people and their families and older people to bring together the community and a venue to celebrate faith.

The garden will be somewhere the community comes together to improve the space, reducing isolation through the process of improving it whilst creating a safe space outside for the isolation of all to be reduced into the future.

Through the gardening work and intergenerational elements of the project, we will see a younger generation learning about gardening skills and interaction between generations that have spent their lives in Cockfield.

Faith will be celebrated in the community garden in a number of ways including harvest festival and through bringing together the community with the church community. Through bringing people together, it is a celebration of faith and enables children and young people to experience the church in a new way.

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