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Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

West Midlands Churches' Further Education Council
SMSC* Resources for 16-19 years olds.

[*SMSC: Spiritial, Moral, Social, Cultural]

The West Midlands Churches’ Further Education Council exists to:

- Support colleges in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students and the training and resourcing of staff in matters of faith and spirituality

-Support churches in valuing FE and lifelong learning as part of their wider involvement in education, and providing resources and training to partner colleges in their work

To fulfil these aims, the Council initiates projects, organises training and networking events and brings together chaplains and others working in further education. It can also assist in brokering partnerships between colleges, churches and other faith communities.

The Council’s membership is drawn from across the different Christian churches represented in the West Midlands region, including individuals with years of experience working within the FE and lifelong learning sectors.

Rooted in the Christian faith, the Council enjoys working with and for people of all faiths and none.





The ROUNDED project was created to address a need for high-quaity, flexible format resources for the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of students in Further Education colleges.

Unlike school sixth forms, most FE colleges do not offer Religious Studies and have no statutory obligation to provide RS or SMSC.  However, most good colleges recognise that spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is an essential ingredient in developing rounded individuals equipped for life and work in contemporary society – hence this project is called ROUNDED

Six ROUNDED session explore key ethical topics through a central story / resource and a suite of introductory and follow up activities.

Topics include:

  • Cultivating identity
  • Being thankful
  • Being hopeful and visionary
  • Being merciful and forgiving
  • Being fair and just
  • Caring for others, animals and the environment

ROUNDED has been inspired by and uses the 'dispositions' which are integral to the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for RE, and used with the agreement of Birmingham SACRE.

The grant awarded by the Westhill Endowment is enabling the completion of the resource, including some light animation, audio recording and overall design, to a standard that students and staff will find engaging.  It is expected that the resource will be ready for release in early 2021.
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