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“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Hope 4 Life NI

The Uberheroes® programme is an early intervention (prevention) model  for children and young people, using Superhero Comics and Interactive Website, tackling social and mental ill health issues, covering topics like Cyber-bullying, Suicide, Self-harm, Drugs, Abuse, Depression, Anxiety and Fear etc.

Our Uberheroes® represent the characteristics of Truth, Strength, Intelligence, Resilience and Hope.

It is based on a superhero themed world where Uberheroes® and villains compete over the emotional wellbeing of featured character/s using a range of powers. Designed to be delivered across multiple platforms:-

(i) Comics (4-5 a year) which are used as the basis for facilitated discussion groups with young people within schools. This cuts across a number of curriculum areas such as English, RE, Home Economics, Personal Development, Language & Literacy, Learning for Life Work and Drama, and in youth and community groups;

(ii) An interactive website;

(iii) Our Intentional Peer Support Groups, where young people from each school are identified and trained as Intentional Peer Support Group Facilitators, delivering quarterly groups for their peers to attend outside schools.