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Resilience Building Mentoring Project

Oxford is a city of contrasts. 25% of young people here go to private school, and yet 25% of young people grow up in child poverty. The young people growing up in the disadvantaged communities of Barton and Blackbird Leys face many more obstacles than opportunities.

But at Thrive we believe these young people have just as much potential as anyone else. And that’s why Thrive staff and volunteers live in these estates themselves: to become positive role models equipping young people with resilience. By living in the community we have built trust with some of the hardest to reach young people, who sometimes live literally next door. We’ve made ourselves available ‘out of hours’ to help them turn crises into resilience-building opportunities.

Our vision is to see disadvantaged communities changed for good through the service of young leaders and building resilience is enabling us to make our vision a reality.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and this project will equip young people from Barton and Blackbird Leys to increase their resilience. They will receive intensive mentoring that has a special focus on them transforming their own life, and the lives of other young people and community members around them.




One of our Award winners from our recent Young Achievers Dinner