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Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Oddments Theatre Company
The Hiding Place
Our Progress:

Our main production this year is The Hiding Place.  It is based off of the story of Corrie ten Boom, who saved countless lives during the Second World War.  Corrie and her family decided that they couldn’t stand by and watch as Jews were being prosecuted, so they hid Jews trying to leave the country in their home.  This led to the ten Boom family’s imprisonment.  Throughout the year that follows, Corrie’s faith is tested again and again as she lives through prison and work camps.  At the end of the war, she began a worldwide ministry sharing God’s love to everyone, but especially those who were affected by the war. 
This project has taken over 18 months to come together.  We had to do extensive research to discover who owned the copyrights.  The script was written and adapted from the book, and then heavily edited through six months before being read through by the cast and edited some more.  Then, the stage set was designed and a small model was built so that the cast could get an idea of what could work and what wouldn’t.  We met with the set builder, showed him the model set we had built, and he made it into a big set.  We practiced with the set before it was completely finished to work out any glitches and make any changes we needed in our blocking.  We had to figure out the safest way to move the set, and the most practical way to pack it all away.  

We also did research on realistic and historical costumes and props, which took between three and four months to order and create.  We’ve had a lot of challenges; most of them have been financial challenges, but thankfully, we have had several donations that have helped to pay the £2200 needed to complete the production.  We would not have this project up and running without Westhill’s help.