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Dear God...
“Hardly anyone can ever find God because God is right at the end of your mind after all the background thoughts are gone.”
Maisie Satchwell-Hust

Sutton Schoolswork
LIVE Project 

The LIVE Project, by Sutton Schoolswork is a PSHE (Personal and Social Health Education) based programme which will be offered to Secondary Schools within the borough of Sutton with particular focus on students SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development.

We have a range of interactive and age appropriate workshops which cover a breadth of topics. Some of these include; self-esteem, bullying and staying safe online, and stress and pressure.

Our aims for these workshops are to allow us to dive deeper into these topics whilst strengthening equipping and supporting them through their adolescent years.

In early Spring term we began to publicise our new series of workshops to all secondary schools in Sutton. We produced leaflets offering details and pricing structure and started to enter discussions with our contacts in our regular schools, and were in the process of starting to book in schools for the Autumn term. Our intention was to run some of these workshops in our two most regular schools as trials during the Summer term, and use the lessons learned to launch in the Autumn.

Obviously we were then hit by Covid and the restrictions on schools. No school allowed us in to their premises throughout the summer and we lost all face to face contact with teachers and pupils.

As a result, we immediately began to record on video short snippets of thought- provoking presentations that addressed the key issues we intended to face, and made them available through our website, our Youtube channel, and via Facebook. All our partner schools were informed and we know several took us up on the offer to allow them to use them for free within their provision.

The presentations took the form of taking key elements of teenage life and asking them to take time to consider addressing them from a fresh point of view, with the challenge always present to take a look at how Christians face the same issues. Examples of topic areas covered are Change, Reflection, Hope, Friendship, Online life, Race and Equality, Comparisons and Worth.

We know several schools utilised these and encouraged their pupils to watch them as part of their week, and as part of their RE studies. Another video we produced was a longer presentation of several local youth leaders all giving their own responses to classic thorny questions about Christianity, called ‘Grill a Christian’, which we also made available to local schools, and we know has had over 240 viewings.




As the new term has started and we were able to go back into some schools, we decided to maintain the provision of videos to enhance our resources, as by far the majority of secondary schools are still not allowing is entry.

However, one school, our closest partners, called us even before term started and asked us to return and run our Choices - Knife Crime workshops with Year 8 as they have been a resounding success for 2 school year groups and they wanted us back. We did so, charging them as per our LIVE project tariff. The school enjoyed our Knife Crime sessions so much they immediately booked in the Year 10 Healthy relationships sessions, which we completed. As a result they have now asked us to consider amending our Knife Crime sessions to address their Sixth form, which we hope to do as soon as schools open again to all pupils. We are really hoping that word of this will be shared with other schools and they will begin to feel more confined to book us in for sessions with them, providing us with the launch pad for our LIVE project to blossom.
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