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Sporting Marvels
Training Schools Workers

Sporting Marvels partners with schools in the Rhondda Valleys of South Wales, running our weekly primary school Mighty Marvels Programme which covers Key Stage 2 RE, PSE & PE, and our All-Star Leadership Programme which works with young leaders in secondary schools.

In 2016 we formalised our training of new schools workers into a more structured 2-Year Training Programme, which aims to train and develop young people to be able teach RE, PSE & PE in schools whilst meeting Key Stage 2 criteria in the National Curriculum.

Our first three trainees are now confident, professional deliverers of these subjects who lead our work in several primary schools, and the training programme continues to attract interest from school leavers. 

This project is helping Sporting Marvels develop the people it needs to continue its expansion into the remaining schools in Rhondda. We have recently started offering work experience to the sixth-formers in our All-Star Leadership Programme so that they can have a foretaste of what their training and development will entail, and this has been very effective in us attracting significant interest in our Training Programme.

Our two current second-year trainees are already valuable members of the team, with our Year 1 part-time trainee swiftly gaining confidence and at least one new trainee committed to a September 2021 start. 

Trainees who have decided to move on from Sporting Marvels have found the skills and qualifications gained through the Training Programme an invaluable addition to their CV, enabling them to secure jobs in primary school education and contribute immediately to both RE & PE teaching.

Their experience in the Mighty Marvels Programme helps them in making their lessons relevant and engaging, and in forming a good rapport with both children and staff. Several former Marvels have also become Youth Pastors, utilising their schools experience, acquired skills and leadership training from Sporting Marvels to help churches engage with young people in their communities.
Sporting Marvels is very open to visits (when permitted under current COVID restrictions) from others interested in starting similar initiatives in their own communities, and we hope that our programmes can act as an inspiration for those seeking to engage young people more fully with RE and it's delivery in modern day education.
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