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GOD'S PLANET - Get Ready for Blast off!

RISE Theatre's New Interactive Primary Schools' Day

After the success of 2 years touring primary schools with our Mustard Seed Day, visiting over 50 schools across the UK, RISE Theatre are developing a brand new interactive day for the whole school to take part in, going further than they have ever travelled before! 

God's Epic Universe!    

RISE Theatre is inviting primary schools on a breathtaking journey of discovery around the earth and into space, learning about the beauty of God's creation, His incredible love for every person, and how each of us can care for our planet and the environment, from the depths of the jungle to the snow capped peaks of the arctic!

The day is based on God the Creator (Genesis 1) with the interactive show exploring and discovering the awe and beauty in God's creation and how we are a part of God's beautiful creation - fearfully and wonderfully made!     

God's Awesome Planet!

‘God’s Planet' features a morning assembly with dramatic actions taught by the RISE team, a creative online activity pack provided in advance for teachers to facilitate on the day, all culminating in an exhilarating interactive afternoon show for the whole school to take part in (options available for live or virtual interactive show, depending on the pandemic situation)* 

God's Planet Aims 

'God’s Planet' is an opportunity for schools to learn more about practical ways we can care for our planet in a fun, accessible and engaging format. Through interactive sessions, participants will creatively explore climate change issues and what it means to be a good steward of our planet, as well as develop an understanding of who God is and encourage each child in their God-given potential. It is an opportunity for the whole school to participate, get creative and to share in a performance they can be proud of.   

'God's Planet' is an original production by RISE Theatre also featuring original music from our resident singer-songwriter Charley Pinfold, with soundtrack copies provided to schools to continue the legacy of ‘God’s Planet’ after the day. 

Through our God’s Planet project, we are seeking to encourage, at a young age, the beginnings of a long-term desire to become a generation of people committed to tending and caring for the Earth, rooted in a love for God and all peoples.

Our project will therefore seek to help primary school age children (and also their teaching staff) to:

1. Acknowledge the awe and wonder of God’s creation

2. Understand the Christian call to be good stewards of our planet and help the poorest communities

3. Know more about some of the issues currently facing our planet due to its changing climate

4. Think about practical ways in which we can reduce our own destructive impact on the Earth, both personally and as a school community, and to help encourage a shift in attitudes in the wider community.

5. Seek transformation in their own personal faith, encouraging a greater understanding of who God is and who we are in relation to Him

Covid-secure Tour

We will constantly be reviewing government guidelines and best practice advice over the coming months. We are going ahead with plans to create a covid secure tour ready for summer 2021 of God's Planet, allowing our team to visit and perform live in schools. However, should stricter covid restrictions still be in place, we are exploring ways of creating a hybrid version, mixing live streaming and video workshops to allow schools to still take part in the day.

In its current format, God's Planet performance and workshops can be performed from a stage area set up at the front of a school hall, ensuring at least a 2 metre distance between actors and pupils at all times.

RISE Theatre is a not-for-profit professional Christian theatre company which exists to provoke change in the world by inspiring people to realise their God-given potential in life. 

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