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Barnet Sacre
Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

Discovering Prayer
Rhythm of Grace 
Discovering Prayer helps people develop a joyful, fulfilling relationship with God through prayer.

Drawing on a rich heritage of Christian monastic practice, the organisation’s creative, innovative approach uses technology to share timeless wisdom about prayer with a growing online audience. Over 50,000 people have prayed with Discovering Prayer since their founding in 2014.

Hectic lifestyles, constant distractions, poor health, lack of understanding about prayer – so many everyday pressures prevent people from spending time in prayer and growing closer to God, however much they long to. The global pandemic and the trauma it has brought is leaving people in ever greater need of hope.

The practice of stilling ourselves and seeking God in prayer can bring deep comfort, but many people don’t know how or where to begin.

That’s why Discovering Prayer is creating Rhythm of Grace, a new series of free audio guided prayer times. Inspired by the monastic ‘rule of life’, it is designed to bring the comfort of a spiritual scaffolding of prayer throughout the day for people who have experienced so many different kinds of loss in the current crisis. A creative collaboration between Shakespearean actor Anita Wright, Discovering Prayer founder Michelle Eyre and sound engineer Revd Jonny Rapson, Rhythm of Grace will invite participants into a gentle rhythm of guided morning and evening prayer.

The course audio prayer times are designed to fit many different kinds of lifestyle and to be used at any time, in any place. The series is being made intentionally free and open to all,  whatever challenges they are facing. Experience shows that as people begin to adopt a rhythm of reflective prayer they report greater peace and comfort and an increased ability to relax, connect with others and focus on God, even in distressing circumstances.

As Discovering Prayer founder Michelle Eyre says, We believe “Rhythm of Grace” will promote spiritual welfare, bring comfort and connection at a time of widespread loss, and help people deepen their relationship with God for years to come.’

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‘Being guided towards setting time aside in a more structured way at the end of the day has really helped me recognise how important this actually is for me. It very much feels like I've connected with my natural rhythm with our Lord.’ Julie


‘Thank you so much for bringing me closer to God. I am growing into a better person for it and it has been extremely positive for my mental health’ – Bridget


‘Discovering Prayer clearly has a wonderful team supporting its programmes and my prayers are with you as you reach more and more people with the gift of excellent resources for reflective prayer.  We need rhythm and structure more and more in these strange times.’ ­ The Rt Revd Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London