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RE Matters
Bullying and Belief

Update September 2020:

The Anti-bullying resource is now available from the NATRE website!

Click here for the resource.


Our project seeks to provide a toolkit for primary and secondary schools so that pupils can consider how people might be bullied for their beliefs. We have made some films and classroom lesson plans to support teachers to deal with this topic.

In 2018 we created a number of 2-5-minute films that can be used in RE, PSHE or citizenship lessons at primary and secondary schools, which investigate stories of those who have suffered from religious bullying in Newham, asking pupils to consider issues. These films provide teachers with small stories focusing on facts and effects of different people’s experiences.

The students then went on to design lesson resources to support these films and Claire Clinton, Newham RE advisor is going on to write a toolkit ready for busy teachers to use and be able to investigate this type of bullying.

We believe this resource will provide what teachers need, and as a resource we hope it will be shared further out than Newham, as part of anti-bullying work of any school.

In June and July 2019 we are aiming to trial the toolkit with schools in Newham and the West Midlands, then the aim is to improve the toolkit before sharing it with the anti-bullying alliance.
We hope after the trial of materials in the West Midlands and Newham there will be a toolkit to be shared with all schools across the country. 

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