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*National Association of Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education.
Project from Bath & North East Somerset, working with the SACREs of Bristol, North Somerset and the London Borough of Haringey

RE-Live: a series of model lesson plans for deep RE learning through reference to contemporary life and events

‘RE-Live’ is a project to engage teachers in local schools and academies within four local authorities which currently share an Agreed Syllabus.

The project aims to produce a series of eight model lesson plans (two for each key stage) for RE, that make use of examples from the contemporary world.

For younger pupils, the lesson ideas emerge from encounters with people from different religion and belief communities (through visits / visitors), and for older students, from stories in the news that have religious dimensions or significance.

Viewing such experiences and events through the lens of ‘Big Ideas’ will provide a means for deep learning and progression in the subject. This will ensure that religion and belief is the focus of the learning.

The lesson plans will come with opportunities for assessment of learning, making use of the strategies developed by the Learn Teach Lead RE (LTLRE) group of teachers in the South-West and described in ‘Big Ideas for Religious Education’ (Wintersgill, B. 2017. University of Exeter).

The four SACREs that share the agreed syllabus ‘Awareness, Mystery, Value’ (AMV) are committed to including contemporary life and events in schemes of learning to support pupils’ progress in RE. However, few ‘ready-made’ resources are available to support such an ambition.


For the purposes of this project the emphasis will be on Big Idea 1: Continuity, Change and Diversity.

Here, pupils will deepen their knowledge and understanding of how ‘religions / worldviews involve interconnected patterns of beliefs, practices and values. They are also highly diverse and change in response to new situations and challenges. These patterns of diversity and change can be the cause of debate, tension and conflict or result in new, creative developments.’

In addition, the intention is that each resulting lesson plan will link with one of the other Big Ideas, providing additional angles from which to view the contemporary experience or event being studied.

This project affords great opportunities for teaching colleagues in rural and urban areas to share experiences and perspectives on diversity in matters of faith and belief.

The new RE-Live resources will result in a collection of model planning schemes designed to promote pupils’:

- interest in how religion and belief features in the world today;

- knowledge and understanding of the diversity of religion and belief even in apparently ‘mono-cultural’ settings;

- deeper understanding of people from different groups.

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