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“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Prison Fellowship Scotland

"Yet He Chose Me"

Prison Fellowship Scotland is a non-denominational faith-based charity working with male and female prisoners and their families across Scotland.

Our primary purpose is to host weekly fellowship groups, based on Christian principles alongside prison Chaplaincy. Our approach is simple, we have discussions, music, drama and conversation about the faith journey and how it could be a viable option for those in prison.

We also have 2 main projects called “Sycamore Tree” & “Angel Tree”.

Sycamore tree – Is a 6-week programme promoting restorative justice & victim awareness, allowing offenders to see the outcome of offending on themselves, their victims and the wider community.

Angel Tree – Is primarily focused on prisoners Children, we provide gifts for prisoners to give to their families at Christmas and we also sponsor holiday camps for Children affected by imprisonment.




Twenty years ago, we put together a book named “and you visited me”, it was a collection of stories from both prisoners, staff and others connected to Prison Fellowship Scotland.

We felt the time was right to put together a new book named “yet you chose me” again another collection of stories, experiences and feedback regarding prison fellowship and individuals experiences with us.

We are now at around 40,000 words which was needed to go to publication, the book should go to print in the coming weeks and will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the work we do or for people who may have a desire to understand how the Christian faith is played out both in and outside of prison.

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