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 St Peter's Church
Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

Oasis Community Church
Creative Space:
To Imagination and Beyond

At the OASIS Community Church and Centre we are trying to reach out to children and families and bring exciting creative skills into their lives as well as bringing elements of faith and spirituality to them.

We reach children and young people from babies through to twenties and also children and young people with disabilities and special needs. 
Creative Space is our programme using creative and performing arts and design work to reach and teach children and young people through different mediums. We put on workshops for children’s workers, youth workers and teachers enabling them to use creative skills in their situations.

We also do workshops and courses for young people and for children in and out of Schools, churches and community projects.

We use puppets and other creative skills and resources in therapeutic ways with children and young people with special needs and we see some really good responses with many of our youngsters. 
We use our creative work in lots of community situations, showcasing the children’s skills at gala days, festivals and family services and in school situations. Children and young people perform flag routines to music, musical creativity, circus skills, art works and other creative art forms

e also teach art, painting and crafts to children and put on exhibitions of the children’s work in the Oasis Centre for all to see and enjoy.
We have many volunteers but Joshua our Children’s and Youth Worker leads the way with this project and he spends time preparing the programmes and leading them in schools, community situations and churches. 
We work under the following themes –
Music Moon

Music making and learning and creative instruments from scrap.

Sunshine Songs
Song writing and singing with children and young people.

Asteroid Art
Painting and design workshops and courses.

Cosmic Circus
Using circus skills, plate spinning, diabalo’s, clowning, juggling.

Crafts Comet
Crafts and pottery

Milky Way Magic
Creative magic with a purpose and a point.

Word World 
Creative writing with short stories and poetry.

Puppet Planet
Using puppets in creative projects and programmes.

Rainbow Flags
Using large silk flags and music routines.

All of the creative things we use to inspire children and young people, to encourage them to find new skills and talents, to work together, to build confidence and to find and explore ways of worship and spirituality. Creativity that brings a new heart to the community.




Creative Space: To Imaginationand Beyond





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