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What's Happening
Haslemere Methodist Church
Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

Lichfield Christian Schools Work Trust
Lichfield Community Mentoring
What we hope to achieve:

Over the next couple of years, with funding from Westhill, we hope to produce a training manual for volunteers that is specific to our role in school and produce leaflets or flyers about what we do.
We hope to receive and train more volunteers and thereby increase the number of students that can be referred to us.
We especially hope to develop greater links with the wider community so that our support isn't limited to school hours.  More specifically, to partner with other agencies.  We are currently having talks with:
  • The local PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) to talk about supporting their students. 
  • A local church to develop a structure for supporting particularly vulnerable students that we are already mentoring and that would benefit from additional help 
  • The local Women's Aid shelter to offer mentoring to students who have been supported by them and are entering local schools.