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Jericho Foundation:
Ignition Project and Job Clubs

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What is Ignition?

The Jericho Foundation's Ignition Project is a training and support programme which equips volunteers from churches and other voluntary organisations to deliver practical job search support and guidance for disadvantaged unemployed people in their immediate local communities. Ignition provides job seekers with the knowledge, skills, practical support, and encouragement to help them live better lives and search for work effectively through work preparation training courses and/or job clubs.

The unique and innovative aspect of Ignition is that the support is delivered right in heart of the community by passionate and willing volunteers who live and work alongside those they are seeking to help. The support delivered through our Ignition programme and Westhill's funding, will include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Job searching skills
  • CV Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Identifying Transferable Skills
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Motivational Skills

About the Ignition training courses

Ignition can equip passionate and willing volunteers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver help to job seekers through our train the trainer sessions.  These training session is over 2 full days and are interactive as well as informative. An Ignition training manual accompanies the train the trainer sessions which provides comprehensive and ready to use resources.  Session plans, hand-outs and extension activities are all included.

The training sessions consider areas such as:

  • Identifying a job seeker’s key skills
  • Enhancing or creating effective CVs
  • Improving interview skills
  • Understanding the role of the employer

How does Ignition work?

We let organisations choose the format that works best for them:

  • A training course
  • A job club
  • Both of the above

How does Ignition benefit the job seeker?

People will receive practical help and support with writing a CV, completing job applications, interview preparation and much more.  They will also benefit from being accepted, welcomed, listened to and encouraged to keep going with their job search.

What does Ignition cost?

We do not charge for the training However we do ask for a suggested gift donation of £80 or more towards the training and support.

Ongoing support

Organisations that have gone through the Ignition training then receive ongoing supported from Jericho Foundation and are invited to be part of a support network alongside other Job Clubs, employability projects and organisations.

Where do we operate?

We mainly operate within Birmingham and the West Midlands, but not exclusively. Please look at our website to learn about all our projects.

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