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Dear God...
“Hate leads to fights, Fights lead to war, War leads to beautiful world no more”
Kieran Hunt

Hull Community Church

Treasure Trails

Hull Community Church is based in the deprived inner city area of Newland, with many families living in squalid conditions and struggling with complex needs.

The church has opened its doors to everyone, and found new and creative ways to reach people.
A Narnia Trail, designed by the church and run over the Easter holidays, has welcomed over 8,000 visitors over 2017. It retells the story of Aslan through an immersive, theatre walk-through.
The church is passionate about inclusion on every level, and works closely with the LGBTI+ community, recently registering the church for same-sex weddings. In 2019, the church was the only one participating at Pride, with 400 families enjoying a rainbow photo booth, free cupcakes and crafts. The Rainbow Trail is a new initiative. 

Rainbow Trail

Thanks to the support of Westhill Endowment, the church is planning a Rainbow Trail in the month leading up to Pride. The theme is being “wonderfully and colourfully made” – with a trail exploring families of all different kinds, through colour and art.
The church has found that parents often want to talk to their children about diversity and the LGBT community, but they don’t know how to do it without the conversation becoming awkward, so they avoid it. We hope that our Rainbow Trail might create spaces for those conversations, so that parents and children can grow in understanding together.  This will give parents all the tools they need to talk to their children about the values of diversity, and how we are all unique, equal and wonderfully created.

There will also be fun spaces for play and experience – a rainbow projector, rainbow balls for the bounce room, our sleigh with rainbow unicorn, and rainbow games.



More information

For more info please see the website or contact Anne at Hull Commuity Church. 

Narnia Trail

Also with this funding, the Narnia Trail will be extended so that it can be borrowed by other churches, with a series of custom printed backdrops and recreating Narnia. The scenes that visitors explore include the wardrobe, meeting Mr Tumnus, the white witch on her sleigh, Mr Tumnus’ cave, the beaver’s kitchen, Father Christmas, Aslan on the stone table, the Narnia battlefield, Aslan alive again, and the throne room of Cair Paravel.


Here are some of the comments from visitors to the Narnia Trail:

 “Absolutely brilliant! So magical!”

“A real hidden gem on Newland Avenue”.

“We were so in awe when we walked around!”

“I have attended a couple of events both very good but the Narnia one was amazing really made you think about things wonderful thing to do in a church”.
“We did the Christmas Wonderland, Narnia and Easter oh and the Nerf war. You provide such a welcome and loving and sharing environment and truly are an amazing asset to our neighbourhood. Thank You!”
“My family have visited several times. The Narnia trail was amazing with a great deal of effort put in by everyone to be welcoming and keep the magic alive. Thank you”.