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Holistic Wellbeing

Mentoring, Lunch and After School Clubs, Exam Stress Sessions.
CROSS Project is a School’s work charity that aims to support young people holistically. For the past 26 years CROSS have been working in local secondary schools across the Wakefield area to support young people. CROSS support schools in a wide range of ways from assemblies and delivering lessons in PSHE, Life and RE, through to mentoring individual students.


Through running ‘The Holistic Well Being Project’, CROSS seek to enable young people to develop emotionally, socially and spirituality through a range of different activities and sessions.

‘The Holistic Wellbeing Project’ comprises of three key elements. Firstly CROSS run weekly lunch and afterschool clubs in 7 secondary schools within the Wakefield district.  The groups include a wide variety of games and activities as well as opportunity for young people to discuss and explore issues that are important to them.

CROSS clubs enable the workers to support and engage with young people in an informal way. Through the use of games and discussion young people are able to build up friendships, develop their skills and self-esteem and overcome challenges together.



The second element of ‘The Holistic Wellbeing Project’ also involves CROSS running a number of confidence groups.

The groups consist of between 6-8 students meeting on a weekly basis with a CROSS worker. Through a wide range of activities, including games, media clips, discussion and reflection, focussed around identity, self-esteem and friendship, young people are provided with tools to help them improve their confidence and social skills and to manage the challenges that they face.  


Finally ‘The Holistic Well Being Project’ involves CROSS running a series of exam stress lessons for Year 11 students in the run up to the GCSE’s. The lead up to GCSE’s for many young people is an extremely stressful time and these sessions help equip young people with strategies to help them manage the stress of exam season more effectively.

Through the range of different sessions, The CROSS Project’s ‘Holistic Wellbeing Project’ enables young people across the secondary schools in Wakefield to develop holistically equipping them to face difficulties and manage challenges in a positive way.

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