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Dear God...
“The ocean is like God and raindrops are the religion. When they fall into the ocean they become one.”
Zoya Ahmed and Nurun Uddin

Greenbelt 2020
Amal at Greenbelt

Amal at Greenbelt was an ambitious strand of programming planned for Greenbelt 2020.

The project sought to platform a diverse rage of Muslim artistry and thought at the heart of a long-established, progressive Christian arts festival. The aims of this project were to build encounter, appreciation and understanding between those of different faiths.

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world, Greenbelt 2020 has been cancelled, and, for the first time in 47 years, the physical festival will not take place.

However, Greenbelt are working hard to bring you some 'online goodness' – so check out WILD AT HOME at .

We will update this page when we have more news of the specific project, Amal at Greenbelt.