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Radiant Cleaners provides a sustainable route out of poverty.

Grace Enterprises is a charitable organisation in Nottingham that reduces poverty and empowers individuals who ordinarily struggle to find and keep work. It does this through creating jobs and supporting individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Started by Grace Church Nottingham in 2017 we employ people who may, for example, have been in prison, suffered domestic abuse, been homeless or struggled with addictions. We pay the Real Living Wage and mentor and support individuals so they can maintain their employment - with remarkable results. The way we do this is through our trading arm, a cleaning business we have set up called Radiant Cleaners. 

Radiant Cleaners is a registered social enterprise, with domestic, commercial and construction sector customers.

Our work employing people with personal challenges who find it difficult to gain and maintain employment has won local and national recognition and awards. We have employed over 30 people in the first 2 years of trading - for 23 of those it was a first ever job or a first job after a long period of unemployment.
This is done by providing excellent,well managed cleaning - that also delivers the social impact that businesses are looking for. 
“ I am so pleased that Mitrefinch are working with Radiant Cleaners. Their work in giving employment opportunities to those who face barriers is vital in the community. Their service and vision for transforming lives in Nottingham is something we can really get behind.”  Matt Jenkins, Mitrefinch, CEO


Radiant Cleaners at Mitrefinch
Radiant Cleaners allows the church to step back into areas of job creation and employment. Building on the established food bank that is provided by Grace Church Nottingham, Radiant Cleaners provides a sustainable route out of poverty. This was highlighted in the newspaper article: ‘Grace Church gives real jobs to Nottingham's hard-to-hire Click here to read the article. 



Regular Staff Socials 


This work has seen Radiant Cleaners in the press and on TV - including the front page of the newspaper when we gave a 52 year old who had been homeless his first ever job...35 years after leaving school with no qualifications! The true impact of our work is told best by members of our team: 
“Now I’ve got a job my life is a lot better, I’m not isolated. Its given me light, confidence and hope. I am worthy and can do stuff - and I’m good at it as well”. 

​The impact of Covid-19 has meant that many of our team have been placed on furlough as offices have closed. Thanks to the generosity of individual customers and businesses who understand our mission we have been able to pay everyone 100% every month. With the support of Westhill we are now able to carry out a new social media marketing campaign to win more cleaning contracts in Nottingham - creating  more life changing opportunities!  
Radiant Cleaners provides more than just a job for our employees:
“I like being part of something, being part of a team, and getting paid. I feel like I’m worth something."
One way of establishing this has been through our regular staff socials which enable us to create a family dynamic and get feedback from the team about what we are doing well - and what we can improve. These have had to be put on hold or move online during the pandemic...but we are looking forward to a real party when we are allowed to stop social distancing! 
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