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Dear God...
“Hardly anyone can ever find God because God is right at the end of your mind after all the background thoughts are gone.”
Maisie Satchwell-Hust

Glebe Farm Baptist Church
Play in a Day

‘Play in a Day’ is a distinct project, which will run through March 2019, coordinated by Glebe Farm Baptist Church ...

Glebe Farm Baptist Church is a tiny Baptist church in East Birmingham.

Here at Glebe Farm, we know that God is a God of multiplication. Even the smallest of offerings can be great in his mighty hands.

For us, this all begins with our faithful group of 6 church members, a mustard seed of faith, a passion for prayer...and a gazebo and an abundance of cupcakes! Spurred on by the thought that God asked of Moses at the burning bush, “What is in your hand?”, we take the skills that are ‘in our hands’ and put them to use for God.


Now our story is at the start of a new chapter. We are committed to 3 years of ‘church growth’. As a church meeting in houses, we will change our routine and begin to meet as church in the library. We will continue to extend our involvement in the community; actively seeking ways to bring new opportunities for creativity; togetherness; and much needed support services, to our neighbourhood.

‘Play in a Day’ is just one of those new opportunities which we will bring to our neighbourhood.


‘Play in a Day’ is an opportunity for community members, of all ages, to come together for a day of fun, drama, food, and the opportunity to create a final performance – nothing is written in advance, we will quite literally come together to create a ‘play in a day’!

As is often the case, the idea grew out of a conversation, over coffee, between friends. John Dunne famously stated, ‘No man is an island’; and the same should be said of churches, and neighbourhoods, too. In our collective ‘hand’ we have a passion for the arts; a love of community togetherness; and a desire to see local churches being active participants in local communities.

We have already, through connecting with local arts forums, worked in partnership to bring community pottery to our local library. (see photo)
Our hope is that ‘Play in a Day’ will be just as successful in bringing a sense of fun, and togetherness, to our community, and to the communities around us – whereas our community pottery was just in Glebe Farm, ‘Play in a Day’ will reach across three local neighbourhoods.


So, in March 2019, our lead artist will run three ‘Play in a Day’ sessions on three consecutive Saturday’s. Each will be hosted by a local church; each church will provide lunch for that day, and volunteers to get involved with all the fun; each session will be filmed, and recordings edited to make a final DVD; and the whole project will come to an end with a combined celebration event, an opportunity to meet the other groups, watch the final performances, and invite friends and family to join the fun!

Our hope is that this will be just one of many more new, creative opportunities which we can bring to our neighbourhood; and that connections would be built across churches and communities – whatever ideas flow next, where individually we “can’t”, together we can!

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