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Cork Three Faiths Forum
Interfaith Leaflet

Update October 2020

The Cork Three Faiths Forum Pocket Guide was launched on 6th October and featured in the local press! Please click here for a report on the launch.

Please click here for a PDF of the leaflet - please note it is intended to be used as a folded phyical pocket guide. 


Cork Three Faiths Forum – which brings together members of the three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – seek to create a space where people of faith can dialogue openly and respectfully, come to a better understanding of each other’s faith and work together to enhance tolerance, cooperation and friendship in society.

The group has been meeting in Cork since May 2016 and since then the membership has grown  and bonds have been strengthened.  
As a group we have organised an interfaith Earth Day gathering in Cork City centre since 2017. Sharing from our own scriptures, sharing food and music in a city park has helped us grow a higher profile in the city. 
We have printed an Interfaith Festivals Calendar for the last three years. This is a resource for schools and community organizations in Cork that we hope contributes to greater mutual understanding among members of our three faith traditions.


The calendar sets out the major religious feasts of each of our religious traditions for the coming year together with a very brief note on the significance of each feast.  This resource helps schools and community groups to be aware of and to acknowledge special moments during the year for each faith community and gradually inspire a desire to learn more about each other’s traditions and beliefs. 
Now, with the help of Westhill , we are putting together an interfaith information leaflet which will be distributed to schools , community groups and faith communities in the Cork area of Ireland further educating people about each other's traditions and beliefs.
We are very grateful to Westhill Foundation for the funding, and to St Philip's Centre, Leicester, who allowed us to use some of the content from their interfaith leaflets. 
Cork Three Faiths Forum