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Picturing Islam

Picturing Islam is a new picture pack to support inspirational spiritual learning in Primary and Secondary teaching about Islam.

It will be a high-quality teaching resource for key stages 1-3 that will equip teachers to help pupils explore the richness and diversity of global contemporary Islam, and challenge preconceptions and ‘Islamophobia’ through deep visual learning. The picture pack will offer 24 beautiful images and works of art carefully chosen from global Islamic sources, which will be supported by a book of teaching and learning activities to bring the resource to life in the class room. All of which will be available online and as a hard copy.

Our aim through this resource is to influence change in the way Islam is taught and learned in schools for a generation, within the safe confines of the Religious Education classroom. To ensure it is not simplistic, limiting pupils’ learning and misrepresenting of Islam, but more representative of the diversity of those who follow the Muslim path in the UK today.



We hope by using a pedagogical strategy aimed at engaging students who have grown up in a media-rich environment, the project will capitalise on the way students access and absorb information in both textual and visual forms to help them learn and understand Islam better. Leading to increased student interactivity and discussion on the issues that arise. This approach will also help develop students’ visual literacy skills, which contributes to their overall critical thinking skills and lifelong learning.

This work will not only be of benefit to pupils in school but also their interactions within the community. By extending their knowledge and understanding of Islam, and of the country in which they are growing up, as well as what they see and hear in the media, we hope to have a significant impact on children and young people, preparing them for life in modern Britain.

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